To Acrylic or Not to Acrylic?

For years I’ve wanted to try acrylic nails but was always put off by multiple reasons. Such reasons included the cost, the maintenance, and the hindrance it would have on everyday activities. Despite these concerns, I caved in a couple months ago. I finally took the plunge and got fake nails.

So far I’ve been nothing but happy with my decision.

The number one thing that I find satisfaction in is that my nails are always done. Prior to getting fake nails I would sometimes go weeks without finding time to sit down and do my nails, and when I would do them I would just peel the polish off days later. Leaving my nails looking like they’ve just been through a war. Now, I don’t have to worry about that because it looks like a fresh manicure practically from the time I get them done to the time I’ll return to the salon in two weeks.

This may lead you to wonder about how it looks when nails break considering that’s not ideal for a manicure. Personally, I have been very fortunate and in the plus two months that I’ve been getting them done only one nail has fallen victim to breakage. I’m always using my hands for things that I thought would surely dismantle any set of acrylic nails. I’m a barista, so I thought for sure that making a latte as quickly as possibly or even handling money would take a toll on my manicure but it has proven otherwise. The one nail that I did break didn’t even happen at work. I was walking to the train and my finger simply hit against the railing— go figure. So if you’re worried about your nails breaking left and right, just keep them on the shorter side and in my experience you should be alright.

Surprisingly, the fear of breaking your nails does not affect the way you preform most daily activities. Once in a while theres a container I can’t open and typing on an older keyboard is a little more difficult but everything else you get used to. After just a week of having the nails on I got used to doing most things with them. Things that seemed impossible at first, such as taking out my contacts or buttoning my pants, are now easy peasy.

The cost and maintenance that I was once so afraid of I now see isn’t too bad. Obviously if you choose to go to a pricey nail salon you may be paying an arm and a leg— and if you have that to spend, more power to ya! But I have found a place with completely reasonable pricing that gets the job done. I go to New Queen Nails 1 in Westchester and they do a great job without breaking the bank, charging just $25 for a new set and $18 for a fill. Ultimatley, I’m paying about 11 dollars a week (after tip) on my nails but if I wasn’t spending it on that, I would be wasting it on something else.

The one ugly truth that I have found about acrylics is that things will get under your nails. Dirt, food, makeup, you name it and it will be there. This is a gross fact but it must be acknowledged nonetheless because it is avoidable. Just make sure to wash your hands well and often— which is something we should be doing regardless.

Overall acrylic nails have been a blessing in my life and I definitely recommend trying them to anyone who is on the fence.

“Sugar Daddy” by Essie is a great starting color!

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